BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDepend on jetty8/ 8.1.16-1 to fix the wrong version of the Servlet API embedd...Emmanuel Bourg16 hours
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for jenkins-winstone_2.3.orig.tar.xzEmmanuel Bourg11 days
ubuntuUbuntu pre-debian release of security fixJames Page3 years
unstable-updatesFix HTTP splitting vulnerability (Closes: #696974):James Page20 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 2.3Emmanuel Bourg11 days
debian/2.3-2commit a8a4adf548...Emmanuel Bourg12 hours
debian/2.3-1commit b53bd811a5...Emmanuel Bourg10 days
upstream/2.3commit cb12ee5515...Emmanuel Bourg11 days
debian/0.9.10-jenkins-47+dfsg-2commit 0af59b2642...tony mancill5 months
debian/0.9.10-jenkins-47+dfsg-1commit 9eea0b1aa5...James Page13 months
upstream/0.9.10-jenkins-47+dfsgcommit 1019294bf2...James Page13 months
upstream/0.9.10-jenkins-47commit 5af6ca2dba...James Page13 months
upstream/0.9.10-jenkins-42+dfsgcommit 7ce0cc0f50...James Page16 months
debian/0.9.10-jenkins-42+dfsg-1commit 65532e59e5...James Page16 months
debian/0.9.10-jenkins-42+dfsg-1_exp1commit 91027bfe60...James Page19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
16 hoursDepend on jetty8/ 8.1.16-1 to fix the wrong version of the Servlet API embedd...HEADdebian/2.3-2masterEmmanuel Bourg
10 daysBuilt-Using jetty8 instead of libjetty8-javadebian/2.3-1Emmanuel Bourg
10 daysAdded a build dependency on libmaven-shade-plugin-javaEmmanuel Bourg
10 daysUpload to unstableEmmanuel Bourg
10 daysRemove dependency-reduced-pom.xml when cleaningEmmanuel Bourg
11 daysRemoved libjetty8-java from the depependencies of the binary packageEmmanuel Bourg
11 daysInstall the dependency reduced pom instead of marking Jetty as providedEmmanuel Bourg
11 daysAdded a Built-Using field for libjetty8-javaEmmanuel Bourg
11 daysDon't put libjetty8-java in the dependencies of the binary packageEmmanuel Bourg
11 daysIgnore org.kohsuke:ajp-client (tests only)Emmanuel Bourg