BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
buildAdded fix to force redefinition of symbol colliding with GDAL headers.Francesco Paolo Lovergine12 months
masterSet distribution to experimental.Bas Couwenberg6 days
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for pktools_2.6.1.orig.tar.gzBas Couwenberg2 weeks
upstreamImported Upstream version 2.6.1Bas Couwenberg2 weeks
debian/2.6.1-1.exp1commit 13b122c858...Bas Couwenberg6 days
upstream/2.6.1commit 06f80f84be...Bas Couwenberg2 weeks
debian/2.5.4-1%7eexp1commit f565262f9f...Bas Couwenberg4 weeks
upstream/2.5.4commit 7da1b47dc5...Bas Couwenberg6 weeks
debian/2.5.3-1commit de339bf286...Bas Couwenberg4 months
upstream/2.5.3commit 736e5957f5...Bas Couwenberg4 months
debian/2.5.2+20140505-2commit 3535524bd8...Ross Gammon4 months
debian/2.5.2+20140505-1commit 24d5846f80...Francesco Paolo Lovergine7 months
upstream/2.5.2+20140505commit 348adb57c8...Francesco Paolo Lovergine7 months
upstream/2.5.2commit 9b0bef3dca...Francesco Paolo Lovergine9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysSet distribution to experimental.HEADdebian/2.6.1-1.exp1masterBas Couwenberg
6 daysFix reference typo.Bas Couwenberg
6 daysMake data type list line breakable.Bas Couwenberg
6 daysMark numbers as literal in man pages.Bas Couwenberg
6 daysMark equation as literal in man pages.Bas Couwenberg
6 daysAdd man page for pksvm.Bas Couwenberg
7 daysAdd man page for pkstatogr.Bas Couwenberg
7 daysAdd man page for pkstatascii.Bas Couwenberg
7 daysAdd man page for pksieve.Bas Couwenberg
7 daysAdd man page for pksetmask.Bas Couwenberg