BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
experimentalUpdate symbols for amd64.Bas Couwenberg4 days
masterSet distribution to unstable.Bas Couwenberg4 days
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for spatialindex_1.8.3.orig.tar.bz2Bas Couwenberg4 days
upstreamImported Upstream version 1.8.3Bas Couwenberg4 days
debian/1.8.1-3commit 193dc334eb...Bas Couwenberg4 days
upstream/1.8.3commit 78cb618685...Bas Couwenberg4 days
debian/1.8.1-2commit 8dcdde20ee...Bas Couwenberg9 months
debian/1.8.1-1commit 6cefc5802a...Bas Couwenberg9 months
upstream/1.8.1commit b2c27c2d29...Bas Couwenberg9 months
debian/1.7.0-1commit 19658bc99c...Francesco Paolo Lovergine3 years
upstream/1.7.0commit fda86b716b...Francesco Paolo Lovergine3 years
upstream/1.5.0commit 9e035c0f76...Francesco Paolo Lovergine3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysSet distribution to unstable.HEADdebian/1.8.1-3masterBas Couwenberg
4 daysUpdate symbols.Bas Couwenberg
4 daysUpdate pkgconfig.patch to not include build flags.Bas Couwenberg
4 daysDrop lintian override for debian-watch-may-check-gpg-signature, shouldn't ove...Bas Couwenberg
4 daysAdd gbp.conf to use pristine-tar by default.Bas Couwenberg
2014-01-12Set distribution to unstable.debian/1.8.1-2Bas Couwenberg
2014-01-12Update pkg-config patch to remove LDFLAGS from Libs.Bas Couwenberg
2014-01-10There is no m4 directory.debian/1.8.1-1Bas Couwenberg
2014-01-10Add patch to include linking to libspatialindex in pkg-config file.Bas Couwenberg
2014-01-10Minimal dh rules with dh-autoreconf als closes #722835.Bas Couwenberg