BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mapgears/ubuntu/lucidInitial release for Ubuntu LucidJerome Villeneuve Larouche2 years
mapgears/ubuntu/oneiricInitial release for ubuntu oneiricJerome Villeneuve Larouche2 years
mapgears/ubuntu/quantalInitial release for QuantalJerome Villeneuve Larouche22 months
masterAdded a lintian override.Francesco Paolo Lovergine13 days
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for grass_6.4.4.orig.tar.gzBas Couwenberg4 weeks
ubuntu/lucidMerged jlarouche ubuntu/lucidAlan Boudreault2 years
ubuntu/oneiricMerged jlarouche ubuntu/oneiricAlan Boudreault2 years
ubuntu/preciseGrass RebuildJerome Villeneuve Larouche21 months
ubuntu/quantalInitial release for QuantalJerome Villeneuve Larouche22 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 6.4.4Francesco Paolo Lovergine14 days
debian/6.4.4-1commit b840c93423...Francesco Paolo Lovergine13 days
upstream/6.4.4commit f4aa61070c...Francesco Paolo Lovergine14 days
debian/6.4.3-3commit 0b1ec4c075...Francesco Paolo Lovergine9 months
debian/6.4.3-1commit 1ce572249a...Francesco Paolo Lovergine12 months
upstream/6.4.3commit 019c64525c...Francesco Paolo Lovergine12 months
debian/6.4.2-2commit c354d51b95...Francesco Paolo Lovergine2 years
upstream/6.4.2commit 611e791c7e...Francesco P. Lovergine3 years
debian/6.4.1-2commit 80f24cd60c...Francesco Paolo Lovergine3 years
debian/6.4.1-1commit 3a56befd7c...Francesco Paolo Lovergine3 years
upstream/6.4.1commit 62d9cea37b...Francesco Paolo Lovergine3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 daysAdded a lintian override.HEADdebian/6.4.4-1masterFrancesco Paolo Lovergine
13 daysSet target to release.Francesco Paolo Lovergine
13 daysFix executable-not-elf-or-script issues with tcl files.Bas Couwenberg
13 daysAdd patch to remove the sheband from animate.tcl which is source instead of e...Bas Couwenberg
13 daysAdd patch headers.Bas Couwenberg
14 daysRemove extra license files.Bas Couwenberg
14 daysAdd wxpy3.0-compat.patch for wxPython 3.0 support, adapt for 6.4.4.Bas Couwenberg
14 daysUpdate copyright file using copyright-format 1.0.Bas Couwenberg
14 daysRun dh_lintian in binary targets.Bas Couwenberg
14 daysSet urgency to medium.Bas Couwenberg