BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterChange urgency to "medium" to match the actual upload.Yavor Doganov9 months
debian/7.8commit a8cf73d13e...Yavor Doganov9 months
debian/7.7commit c1f0e0f684...Yavor Doganov3 years
debian/7.6commit 2d92e54027...Yavor Doganov5 years
master--base-0commit 5e731832a1...Hubert Chan7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-23Change urgency to "medium" to match the actual upload.HEADdebian/7.8masterYavor Doganov
2014-07-17rules: Replace with a minimalistic dh-style one.Yavor Doganov
2014-07-17compat: Set to 9.Yavor Doganov
2014-05-28(Suggests): Remove duplicated Doganov
2014-05-28Make gnustep the first package, bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5.Yavor Doganov
2014-05-28(Vcs-Git): Use the canonical URI.Yavor Doganov
2014-05-28(Recommends, Suggests): Reshuffle.Yavor Doganov
2014-05-28(gnustep-games) <Depends>: Promote from Recommends to fill the gap.Yavor Doganov
2014-05-28(Section): Change back to `gnustep'; seems more appropriate.Yavor Doganov
2014-05-28(Description): Typo fix, thanks Davide Prina (Closes: #677104).Yavor Doganov