BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRelease to experimentalFelix Geyer5 days
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for redeclipse_1.5.1.orig.tar.xzMartin Erik Werner2 weeks
upstreamImported Upstream version 1.5.1Martin Erik Werner2 weeks
wheezycorrect version number for maint uploadMartin Erik Werner3 years
wheezy-backportsMerge branch 'master' into wheezy-backportsMartin Erik Werner16 months
upstream/1.5.1commit f2c9e9f25c...Martin Erik Werner2 weeks
debian/1.4-6commit 69fd808bbb...Vincent Cheng8 months
debian/1.4-5_bpo70+1commit 58c11564ee...Martin Erik Werner15 months
debian/1.4-5commit 4849d5ea6b...Martin Erik Werner16 months
debian/1.4-4commit c8a5c12432...Martin Erik Werner23 months
debian/1.4-3commit a5aa9f2a86...Martin Erik Werner23 months
debian/1.4-2commit a40f2598f0...Martin Erik Werner23 months
debian/1.4-1commit 5add152b8f...Martin Erik Werner2 years
upstream/1.4commit f823d9dd63...Martin Erik Werner2 years
debian/1.3.1-1commit 4af388016e...Felix Geyer3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysRelease to experimentalHEADmasterFelix Geyer
8 daysInclude CPPFLAGS in CXXFLAGS (again) for hardeningMartin Erik Werner
10 daysInclude default dpkg vars for get-orig-source versionMartin Erik Werner
10 daysDrop system-enet patch, use make trickery insteadMartin Erik Werner
10 daysClean up build flags usageMartin Erik Werner
2015-04-04Use dh_auto_build with flags to enable parallel buildingMartin Erik Werner
2015-04-04Add build-dep: ed, wrap-and-sortMartin Erik Werner
2015-04-04Target experimentalMartin Erik Werner
2015-04-04Make sure guidelines.txt is accessible by client for first-connectMartin Erik Werner
2015-04-04Update changelog and set unstable as release targetMartin Erik Werner