BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debdirRemove team upload and signoff as meMartin Erik Werner7 months
masterRemove team upload and signoff as meMartin Erik Werner7 months
nextMerge branch 'master' into nextMartin Erik Werner7 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for redeclipse-data_1.4.orig.tar.xzMartin Erik Werner23 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 1.4Martin Erik Werner23 months
wheezySyntax fix for XZMartin Erik Werner3 years
wheezy-backportsbump changelog timestampMartin Erik Werner15 months
debian/1.4-3commit 4f061ce7af...Vincent Cheng7 months
debian/1.4-2_bpo70+1commit 833a9f1647...Martin Erik Werner13 months
debian/1.4-2commit 1ebc16ba6e...Martin Erik Werner22 months
debian/1.4-1commit 00f1e90dd2...Martin Erik Werner23 months
upstream/1.4commit 66f8b398bc...Martin Erik Werner23 months
debian/1.3.1-1commit d7b02b9c74...Felix Geyer3 years
upstream/1.3.1commit 252436544e...Martin Erik Werner3 years
upstream/1.2+svn3973commit 53a9598dda...Martin Erik Werner3 years
upstream/1.2+svn3932commit 7157dc182f...Martin Erik Werner3 years
upstream/1.2+svn3931commit 1f26fb6643...Martin Erik Werner3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-08-09Remove team upload and signoff as meHEADdebian/1.4-3masterMartin Erik Werner
2014-08-09Remove non-free disclaimer from generate-copyright scriptMartin Erik Werner
2014-07-27Move package to main and update copyrightMarkus Koschany
2013-05-05changelog for unstabledebian/1.4-2Martin Erik Werner
2013-03-22Mayhem skyboxes are CC-BY-SA-3.0debian/1.4-1Martin Erik Werner
2013-03-22lintian-overrides for CC-BY-SA-3.0+ and CC-BY-SA-?Martin Erik Werner
2013-03-22update copyright and generation scriptMartin Erik Werner
2013-03-22include license.txt files in data treeMartin Erik Werner
2013-03-22changelog: update and set release for experimentalMartin Erik Werner
2013-03-22Merge tag 'upstream/1.4'Martin Erik Werner