BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian-experimentalDrop bogus libopenal0/libopenal0a ReplacesPaul Wise5 years
masterreleaseSimon McVittie3 days
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for openal-soft_1.15.1.orig.tar.bz2Bret Curtis5 weeks
upstreamImported Upstream version 1.15.1Bret Curtis5 weeks
upstream-experimentalImported Upstream version 1.5.304Andres Mejia6 years
debian/1%1.15.1-5commit 42e2f2c674...Simon McVittie3 days
debian/1%1.15.1-4commit 027ceda2da...Scott Howard8 days
debian/1%1.15.1-2commit c62da76a82...Scott Howard4 weeks
debian/1%1.15.1-1commit b9d5e49d66...Scott Howard5 weeks
upstream/1.15.1commit 06edca0a67...Bret Curtis5 weeks
debian/1%1.14-5commit a030adb3d1...Scott Howard5 weeks
debian/1%1.14-4commit 64c8351c09...Andres Mejia2 years
debian/1%1.14-3commit 72e3dbc7af...Andres Mejia2 years
debian/1%1.14-2commit 36a979d38b...Andres Mejia2 years
debian/1%1.14-1commit 5698c7ff55...Andres Mejia2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysreleaseHEADdebian/1%1.15.1-5masterSimon McVittie
3 daysopenal-info and makehrtf must have Breaks and Replaces on libopenal-dev-binSimon McVittie
12 daysmerge and add manpagesdebian/1%1.15.1-4Bret Curtis
12 daysadded makehrtf and openal-info install filesScott Howard
13 dayswe now have split packages, one for each binaryBret Curtis
2014-08-06we now have debug packages, ready for uploadBret Curtis
2014-08-06added additional comment about creating debug symbols for library and the res...Bret Curtis
2014-08-05Revert "add upstream changelog, lintian should be happy but added lynx-cur bu...Bret Curtis
2014-08-05add upstream changelog, lintian should be happy but added lynx-cur build depBret Curtis
2014-08-04fixing lintian issuesBret Curtis