BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian/0.146upload to unstableEmmanuel Kasper24 months
masterUpdated changelogCesare Falco3 days
debian/0.155-1commit 2c87cce480...Cesare Falco3 days
debian/0.154-3commit d44a572858...Cesare Falco3 weeks
debian/0.154-2commit 7de05554fe...Cesare Falco2 months
debian/0.154-1commit 4d39a6a0ce...Cesare Falco3 months
debian/0.153-1commit a61b1a3ce3...Cesare Falco3 months
debian/0.152-1commit fe97d385d0...Cesare Falco9 months
debian/0.151-1commit f920546ca5...Cesare Falco11 months
debian/0.150-1commit d34b3b6a8e...Cesare Falco12 months
debian/0.149-1commit c3a1d39257...Cesare Falco15 months
debian/0.148-1commit fb7b065855...Jordi Mallach19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysUpdated changelogHEADdebian/0.155-1masterCesare Falco
5 daysReworked ctrlr dir including cfg files now distributed upstreamCesare Falco
6 daysUpdate get-orig-source after upstream repository move to githubCesare Falco
10 daysMerge branch 'ubuntu/0.155'Cesare Falco
10 daysUpdated changelogCesare Falco
10 daysUse system libjs-query-* instead of embedded oneCesare Falco
10 daysRelease to unstable.Jordi Mallach
11 daysAdd a bug closer.Jordi Mallach
11 daysSet distribution for -2, was released to unstable.Jordi Mallach
11 daysSwitch to libjpeg-dev.Jordi Mallach