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masterUpdate: works with 3.0.5-1 now.Ben Armstrong23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-05-17Update: works with 3.0.5-1 now.HEADmasterBen Armstrong
2013-05-17Add localization list.Ben Armstrong
2013-05-17Add standard priority packages.Ben Armstrong
2013-05-17Update copy instructions using easier/more efficient cp.Ben Armstrong
2013-05-17Update games package list to match what's in wheezy.Ben Armstrong
2013-05-17Include most recommends of live-boot/-config; needed as recommends=false.Ben Armstrong
2013-05-17Include gnome configuration from live-images, replacing obsolete gnome list.Ben Armstrong
2013-05-17Remove no longer needed install workaround for USB.Ben Armstrong
2012-03-11Update includes and preseed to current syntax.Ben Armstrong
2012-02-26Update live-build version.Ben Armstrong