BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jmtd/hexen2oops, forgot to commit version 32Jon Dowland2 years
lgeneralverify_file: ensure argument is readableJon Dowland2 years
lgeneral-take-2bump standards versionJon Dowland20 months
masterhexen: remove obsolete note about the demoSimon McVittie5 days
neater-slipstreamwolf3d: use verify_fileJon Dowland4 years
quake-musicInitial support for ripping Quake CD audioStephen Kitt20 months
quake2mpremove require_cdparanoia and require_oggencJon Dowland16 months
remove-shortnameattempt to remove SHORTNAMEJon Dowland4 years
wip/quakeUse Python/YAML for all quake modes except musicSimon McVittie4 weeks
wolf3dwolf3d: alter output deb nameJon Dowland4 years
debian/39commit 5b0bcca87a...Simon McVittie9 days
debian/38commit fa20092137...Simon McVittie4 weeks
35commit 37a77871a4...Jon Dowland15 months
36commit 31dddc29ab...Jon Dowland15 months
34commit 2cc34d0b14...Simon McVittie16 months
debian/34commit 2cc34d0b14...Simon McVittie16 months
33commit 6afc08baeb...Jon Dowland20 months
32-realcommit 0c2e15e53e...Jon Dowland2 years
31commit efd46d96e3...Jon Dowland2 years
32commit efd46d96e3...Jon Dowland2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 dayshexen: remove obsolete note about the demoHEADmasterSimon McVittie
5 daysquake2: multiplayer.html is an alternativeAlexandre Detiste
5 daysEstimate Installed-Size with the algorithm planned for dpkg 1.18, rather than...Simon McVittie
5 daysSort Depends, Recommends, Suggests, Provides, Conflicts and ReplacesSimon McVittie
5 daysquake2: support some alternative versions of documentation (also #776059)Simon McVittie
5 daysquake2: add optional DM maps match1, base64, city64 and sewer64, and CTF map ...Simon McVittie
5 daysquake2: make videos optional (also part of #776059)Simon McVittie
5 daysquake2: support an alternative version of pak0.pk3 (Closes: #776059)Simon McVittie
5 daysAdd some comments about the generic mirror filesSimon McVittie
5 daysquake2: remove reference to /etc/game-data-packager/quake2-mirrorsSimon McVittie