BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jmtd/hexen2oops, forgot to commit version 32Jon Dowland2 years
lgeneralverify_file: ensure argument is readableJon Dowland2 years
lgeneral-take-2bump standards versionJon Dowland19 months
masterAdd Breaks against versions of chocolate-doom not providing hertic-engine or ...Fabian Greffrath12 months
neater-slipstreamwolf3d: use verify_fileJon Dowland4 years
quake-musicInitial support for ripping Quake CD audioStephen Kitt19 months
quake2mpremove require_cdparanoia and require_oggencJon Dowland14 months
remove-shortnameattempt to remove SHORTNAMEJon Dowland4 years
testsuiteMerge branch 'master' into testsuiteJon Dowland4 years
wolf3dwolf3d: alter output deb nameJon Dowland4 years
35commit 37a77871a4...Jon Dowland14 months
36commit 31dddc29ab...Jon Dowland14 months
34commit 2cc34d0b14...Simon McVittie15 months
debian/34commit 2cc34d0b14...Simon McVittie15 months
33commit 6afc08baeb...Jon Dowland19 months
32-realcommit 0c2e15e53e...Jon Dowland2 years
31commit efd46d96e3...Jon Dowland2 years
32commit efd46d96e3...Jon Dowland2 years
30commit 114413aa5b...Jon Dowland2 years
29commit 9a22aec866...Jon Dowland3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-12-30Add Breaks against versions of chocolate-doom not providing hertic-engine or ...HEADmasterFabian Greffrath
2013-12-23 * Prefer chocolate-doom (>= 2) over other engines providing doom-engine,Fabian Greffrath
2013-11-25Add Multi-Arch: foreign fields to all Architecture: all packagesFabian Greffrath
2013-10-13document recent changes35Jon Dowland
2013-10-13document compress options in manpageJon Dowland
2013-10-13remove duplicate printing of supported gamesJon Dowland
2013-10-13update some copyright stringsJon Dowland
2013-10-13Stop provides/conflict/depends doom-packageJon Dowland
2013-10-11remove old,stale documentation filesJon Dowland
2013-10-09fix slipstream testJon Dowland