BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bug540201Dropped xinit dependency: we don't need it anymoreEnrico Zini4 years
gismo-master-fixesdebian/control: Depends: on xinit and x11-common for the init scriptLuca Capello6 years
masterClose both duplicatesEnrico Zini4 years
pamhelperProvide an upgrade path for the openmokoEnrico Zini6 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for nodm_0.3.orig.tar.gzJoachim Breitner6 years
upstartCheck if plymouth is available before using it.Marco Amadori4 years
debian/0.11-1commit 58fd03b5ce...Enrico Zini4 years
debian/0.9-1commit 3ad8f4da7d...Enrico Zini4 years
debian/0.10-1commit 5417138290...Enrico Zini4 years
debian/0.8-1commit e76eaf50ea...Enrico Zini4 years
debian/0.6-1commit 672bb503c5...Enrico Zini6 years
debian/0.5-1commit e2224eaba3...Enrico Zini6 years
nodm/0.3-2commit c1974116df...Joachim Breitner6 years
nodm/0.3-1commit 951d1954b8...Joachim Breitner6 years
nodm/0.3commit 2406af8f19...Joachim Breitner6 years
nodm/0.2commit 76526e2bfd...Enrico Zini6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-08-17Close both duplicatesHEADdebian/0.11-1masterEnrico Zini
2011-08-17Fixed typoEnrico Zini
2011-08-17Updated potfilesEnrico Zini
2011-08-17Updated version numberEnrico Zini
2011-08-17Removed nodm/xinit form debconf and updated debconf templatesEnrico Zini
2011-08-17do not force "-nolisten tcp". Closes: #635992Enrico Zini
2011-08-17Do not require $NODM_XINIT to exist in order to start: that env var is now ig...Enrico Zini
2011-07-19default X start timeout increased to 30 seconds. Closes: #633089; X start tim...debian/0.10-1Enrico Zini
2011-07-09Reenabled restart previously disabled during testing and getting committed by...debian/0.9-1Enrico Zini
2011-07-09Merge branch 'master' of git:// Zini