BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterreleasing package idm-console-framework version 1.1.9-1Timo Aaltonen7 weeks
ubuntupush to preciseTimo Aaltonen3 years
upstreamBump version to 1.1.9Noriko Hosoi5 months
debian/1.1.9-1commit f5a68bc7fd...Timo Aaltonen7 weeks
debian/1.1.7-2commit 9c36591168...Timo Aaltonen6 months
debian/1.1.7-1commit d57375698e...Ghe Rivero3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-03-10releasing package idm-console-framework version 1.1.9-1HEADdebian/1.1.9-1masterTimo Aaltonen
2015-03-10update changelogTimo Aaltonen
2015-03-10add the classpath file, finally..Timo Aaltonen
2015-03-10.links: Remove, as versioned jars are not created anymore.Timo Aaltonen
2015-03-10New upstream release.Timo Aaltonen
2015-03-10Merge branch 'upstream'Timo Aaltonen
2014-12-09Bump version to 1.1.9upstreamNoriko Hosoi
2014-12-08Ticket 47929 - idm-console-framework - set default min to tls1.0Mark Reynolds
2014-11-12Ticket 47946 - ACI's are replaced by "ACI_ALL" after editing group of ACI's i...Mark Reynolds
2014-11-10Bump version to 1.1.8Mark Reynolds