BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
_tent/popconchartENH: sort versions and provide colors to group debian/ubuntus in popcon plotYaroslav Halchenko22 months
develthanks to lintian -- fixed typos, remove /bin for ls callYaroslav Halchenko7 months
enh/gpg-popconNF: Adding a popcon keyring with a single key 0x8B48DE1DYaroslav Halchenko9 months
enh/neurodebian-installerENH: report to debconf interface what would be the release/flavor to be used ...Yaroslav Halchenko8 months
enh/popularity-contest-cryptoSupport popularity-contest >= 1.61 encrypting submissionsYaroslav Halchenko8 months
enh/wheezy-vmBuild a new dev1 pkgYaroslav Halchenko2 years
githubgithub-backupYaroslav Halchenko3 years
masterminor tune up -- debian release upgradeYaroslav Halchenko12 days
newdesignMerge pull request #11 from yarikoptic/newdesignMichael Hanke23 months
vm/jessieinitial changes for jessie VMYaroslav Halchenko7 weeks
debian/0.35commit d39a77d219...Yaroslav Halchenko7 weeks
vm-7.8.0commit 6c6fa9cd3b...Yaroslav Halchenko8 weeks
debian/0.34commit ade1bf8af7...Yaroslav Halchenko7 months
debian/0.33commit 4d9f0c4f6a...Yaroslav Halchenko8 months
vm-7.4.20140423commit aa508e9a2e...Yaroslav Halchenko11 months
vm-7.2.0commit 046f9378a7...Yaroslav Halchenko17 months
debian/0.32commit e296af88c7...Yaroslav Halchenko17 months
vm-7.0.0commit 4d852047bb...Yaroslav Halchenko22 months
web-20130424commit c37391fadb...Yaroslav Halchenko23 months
debian/0.31commit 0d2b3286d8...Yaroslav Halchenko24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 daysminor tune up -- debian release upgradeHEADmasterYaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-09changelog for 0.35debian/0.35Yaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-09symlink for the dsc patch for jessie so we build guest additionsYaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-09detabified guest-additions patch contentYaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-06Also for stats report which repo and which job number use our setupYaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-06enable verbose output while reinstalling -- for some reason neurodebian still...Yaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-06BF: right -- by default it disables now neurodebian even if was present beforeYaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-06more tests and info to troubleshoot why travis failed on meYaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-06ENH: also upload the to the website under _files/Yaroslav Halchenko
2015-02-06Rudimentary .travis.yml to test that our script for enabling neurodebian worksYaroslav Halchenko