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masterAlso short description is taken overAndreas Tille10 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for freesurfer_5.2.0+cvs20130212.orig.tar.gzYaroslav Halchenko19 months
upstreamImported Upstream version 5.1.0+cvs20111031Michael Hanke3 years
upstream/5.1.0+cvs20111031commit 72fb1fc953...Michael Hanke3 years
upstream/5.1.0+cvs20110526commit b219e0937e...Yaroslav Halchenko3 years
upstream/5.1.0commit 62f504fe0a...Yaroslav Halchenko3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-11-26Also short description is taken overHEADmasterAndreas Tille
2013-11-26Take over way more explicite long description from Debian Science task file n...Andreas Tille
2013-02-162nd wave of patches -- changes in indentation etc caused lots of rejectionsYaroslav Halchenko
2013-02-161st wave of patches updates (just refreshes + minor conflicts)Yaroslav Halchenko
2013-02-12Merge commit 'upstream/5.2.0+cvs20130212'Yaroslav Halchenko
2013-02-12Imported Upstream version 5.2.0+cvs20130212Yaroslav Halchenko
2013-02-12repack -- prefix all our messages with I: to easily parse outputYaroslav Halchenko
2013-02-12keep .ifh files in -data too (small but better to keep things together)Yaroslav Halchenko
2013-02-12Keep .rec files also in -data, some are relatively big and are data anywaysYaroslav Halchenko
2013-02-12tuned up ""Yaroslav Halchenko