BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterexclude 'missing' file from debian-bound tar.bzip2Andrei Zavada10 months
1.1.14commit a72e327335...Andrei Zavada13 months
1.1.13commit c63db31655...Andrei Zavada2 years
1.1.12commit 5a1cbfd9ca...Andrei Zavada2 years
1.1.11commit ec8cbdadeb...Andrei Zavada3 years
1.1.10commit 963c00c68b...Andrei Zavada3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-01exclude 'missing' file from debian-bound tar.bzip2HEADmasterAndrei Zavada
2013-11-30debian/control: mod Build-Depends wrt g++ ver; bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5Andrei Zavada
2013-09-23Mark unreleased debian version 1.1.13-2 as suchAndrei Zavada
2013-09-22update changelogs for Zavada don't carry debian/*, now moved dirlevel upAndrei Zavada is it AC_LIB_READLINE or AX_*?Andrei Zavada
2013-09-22use anon namespace instead of static, and __attribute__ ((format))Andrei Zavada
2013-09-22check for return value of regcomp; use range-based forAndrei Zavada
2013-09-22tweaks to autotools filesAndrei Zavada
2013-09-18why is this tarball here?Andrei Zavada