BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDebian release 1.7.7-3Albin Tonnerre14 months
new-svn-snapshotDebian release 1.0.0~beta-1Albin Tonnerre4 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for edje_1.2.0.orig.tar.gzAlbin Tonnerre3 years
upstreamMerge tag 'upstream-vcs/1.2.0' into upstreamAlbin Tonnerre3 years
upstream- libtool -Wl,--as-needed reordering workaroundJan Luebbe7 years
upstream- libtool -Wl,--as-needed reordering workaroundJan Luebbe7 years
upstream- libtool -Wl,--as-needed reordering workaroundJan Luebbe6 years
upstream- autofooAlbin Tonnerre6 years
upstream-branches/edje-1.0 * edje: oops, commit didn't go in.cedric4 years
upstream-vcsedje: ecore_imf_context_cursor_position_set don't need to be called when the ...jihoon2 years
debian/1.7.7-1commit 17e0d91b49...Albin Tonnerre19 months
upstream/1.7.7commit f6e16ead2f...Albin Tonnerre19 months
debian/1.7.4-3commit a7f3699900...Albin Tonnerre21 months
debian/1.7.4-2commit de3ea342c5...Albin Tonnerre24 months
debian/1.7.4-1commit dba83e0eff...Albin Tonnerre2 years
upstream/1.7.4commit 7949e775e1...Albin Tonnerre2 years
debian/1.2.0-1commit 2ed97a6c88...Albin Tonnerre3 years
debian/1.0.0-1commit dfab2457fb...Albin Tonnerre4 years
debian/1.0.0_beta-1commit ceab2a4a23...Albin Tonnerre4 years
debian/ 25b492345e...Albin Tonnerre5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-01-05Debian release 1.7.7-3HEADmasterAlbin Tonnerre
2014-01-05debian/control: add B-D on libeio-dev to allow building with EIO supportAlbin Tonnerre
2013-11-15Debian release 1.7.7-2Albin Tonnerre
2013-11-15patches/01_epp_undefined_fopen: cherry-pick 3638523 to fix FTBFS on HurdAlbin Tonnerre
2013-11-14debian/libedje-dev.install: be more specific about what we installAlbin Tonnerre
2013-11-03Add Multi-Arch support and switch from CDBS to dhAlbin Tonnerre
2013-10-27use a .install file for libedje-doc instead of file copy in debian/rulesAlbin Tonnerre
2013-07-22Debian release 1.7.7-1debian/1.7.7-1Albin Tonnerre
2013-07-22debian/control: update URI in the VCS-* fieldsAlbin Tonnerre
2013-07-22debian/control: update Build-Depends to use EFL 1.7.7Albin Tonnerre