BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
auth-revampCleanup.Clément Schreiner3 weeks
masterDocumentating the authentication mechanism: draft.Clément Schreiner7 days
scan-build462f3b8 broke sbuild. Fixed.Clément Schreiner8 months
tests_ormFirst attempt at a unit test for create_jobs.Clément Schreiner7 months
1.3.1commit 33bedfa462...Paul Tagliamonte11 months
1.3.0commit d2db9fbf22...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
1.2.0commit 0730fef57d...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
1.1.10commit 7961cc8359...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
1.1.9commit 0804276a28...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
1.1.8commit 252bf8f0f1...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
1.1.7commit cd0dd7769e...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
1.1.6commit 1d98992658...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
1.1.4commit f18b13f80b...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
1.1.1commit d7b19a7096...Paul Tagliamonte12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysDocumentating the authentication mechanism: draft.HEADmasterClément Schreiner
8 daysTypo in docstring.Clément Schreiner
8 daysUpdate copyrights.Clément Schreiner
8 daysTypo.Clément Schreiner
11 daysAttempt at running debile in docker (for dev only)Clément Schreiner
11 daysMerge branch 'auth-revamp'.Clément Schreiner
2015-02-11Cleanup.auth-revampClément Schreiner
2015-02-11Check slave ip against DB for actual auth.Clément Schreiner
2015-02-10Add 'ip' field to builders and people.Clément Schreiner
2015-02-10Allow slave running with simple (ip-based) auth.Clément Schreiner