BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterDocumentation for lein_create_profileEugenio Cano-Manuel19 months
noprojectclassRemoved PRODUCED_JAR from rulesEugenio Cano-Manuel21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-09-26Documentation for lein_create_profileHEADmasterEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-21Use configparser to support leiningen propertiesEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-20Add the functionality to enable tests after building a packageEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-20Added template for future leiningen propertiesEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-19Make readme larger so dh_compress creates the .gz fileEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-19Fix project parser testEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-19Use dummy projects instead of real ones for testingEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-19Fix warning messageEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-19Don't use the default base profile when building the pom fileEugenio Cano-Manuel
2013-09-17Improved test by mixing email and name from different sourcesEugenio Cano-Manuel