BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developAdd "AddType text/plain .log" to the apache2 configuration snipplet example.Holger Levsen2 hours
masterrelease as 0.58Holger Levsen6 months
preview/ let sections default to 'sid' not 'slave'Holger Levsen17 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for piuparts_0.42.orig.tar.gzHolger Levsen3 years
0.59_bpo70+1commit bafc021f9c...Holger Levsen21 hours
0.59commit d2387b426e...Holger Levsen3 months
0.58_bpo70+1commit f2bc389419...Holger Levsen5 months
0.58commit 27e1d509a0...Holger Levsen6 months
0.57_bpo70+1commit d2d2418d05...Holger Levsen7 months
0.57commit 9702ecf302...Holger Levsen8 months
0.56_bpo70+1commit d9f5191b50...Holger Levsen9 months
0.56commit 39174d055b...Holger Levsen10 months
0.55_bpo70+1commit d9795c2539...Holger Levsen12 months
0.55commit 0ed0e64dab...Holger Levsen13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-04-30release as 0.58HEAD0.58masterHolger Levsen
2014-04-30Add python-distro-info to piuparts-common's depends and to build-depends.Holger Levsen Use "web-host" for summary URLDavid Steele
2014-04-30Replace with https everywhere. Thanks to DSA!Holger Levsen
2014-04-30piuparts-report: Add link to to navigation menu.Holger Levsen
2014-04-30prepare for 0.59.Holger Levsen
2014-04-30TODO: remove #682068 from the list here. maybe just drop all the selinux rela...Holger Levsen
2014-04-30Switch ubuntu default to 'utopic'...Holger Levsen Default summary dist supportDavid Steele Add get_std_distro()David Steele