BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developfix tpyoHolger Levsen4 days
masterrelease as 0.60 to sidHolger Levsen5 weeks
preview/ let sections default to 'sid' not 'slave'Holger Levsen18 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for piuparts_0.42.orig.tar.gzHolger Levsen3 years
0.60_bpo70+1commit 64e0fcbe08...Holger Levsen3 weeks
0.60commit 02cb5b7d18...Holger Levsen3 weeks
0.59_bpo70+1commit bafc021f9c...Holger Levsen6 weeks
0.59commit d2387b426e...Holger Levsen4 months
0.58_bpo70+1commit f2bc389419...Holger Levsen7 months
0.58commit 27e1d509a0...Holger Levsen7 months
0.57_bpo70+1commit d2d2418d05...Holger Levsen9 months
0.57commit 9702ecf302...Holger Levsen9 months
0.56_bpo70+1commit d9f5191b50...Holger Levsen11 months
0.56commit 39174d055b...Holger Levsen11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-10-26release as 0.60 to sidHEAD0.60masterHolger Levsen
2014-10-26update, some more doc planned and then multi-archHolger Levsen
2014-10-26Replace all occurrences of old gitweb Alioth URLs with cgit ones.Holger Levsen
2014-10-26debian/control: Update Vcs-Browser: URL to cgit.Holger Levsen
2014-10-26Update README_server.txt and README_pejacevic.txt and instances/* and conf/*.Holger Levsen
2014-10-23add '(Closes: #754878)'Holger Levsen
2014-10-23Bump standards version to 3.9.6, no changes needed.Holger Levsen
2014-10-22simplefied config for my 2 test systemsHolger Levsen
2014-10-20Add "AddType text/plain .log" to the apache2 configuration snipplet example.Holger Levsen
2014-10-20Drop conf/piuparts-master.sudoers and update conf/piuparts-slave.sudoers.Holger Levsen