BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developadd changelog entry for Bernhard's last 3 patches.Holger Levsen21 min.
masterrelease as 0.63Holger Levsen43 min.
preview/ let sections default to 'sid' not 'slave'Holger Levsen23 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for piuparts_0.42.orig.tar.gzHolger Levsen3 years
0.63commit 7ac895562f...Holger Levsen43 min.
0.62_bpo70+1commit 205bc6ef6c...Holger Levsen4 months
0.62commit e3f7ad97dd...Holger Levsen4 months
0.61_bpo70+1commit ad73f42a05...Holger Levsen5 months
0.61commit 63514d4995...Holger Levsen5 months
0.60_bpo70+1commit 64e0fcbe08...Holger Levsen6 months
0.60commit 02cb5b7d18...Holger Levsen6 months
0.59_bpo70+1commit bafc021f9c...Holger Levsen6 months
0.59commit d2387b426e...Holger Levsen9 months
0.58_bpo70+1commit f2bc389419...Holger Levsen12 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
43 min.release as 0.63HEAD0.63masterHolger Levsen
48 min.Update, piuparts.1.txt and README_server.txt due to the fact that...Holger Levsen
56 min.debian/copyright: Remove space from W3C FreeUse licence name, thanks lintian.Holger Levsen
29 update for Jessie being stable and Stretch being the new test...Holger Levsen
2 daysadd news entry for stretch and jessie2stretch suitesHolger Levsen
4 daysp.conf: add [stretch] and [jessie2stretch]Andreas Beckmann
4 daysdistros.conf: add stretch/updates, stretch-updates, stretch-backportsAndreas Beckmann
4 daysdistros.conf: switch stable+testing aliases to jessie+stretchAndreas Beckmann
8 daysUse "autopep8 -a --max-line-length=160" to re-format all .py files.Holger Levsen
8 daysUse "autopep8 --max-line-length=160" to re-format all .py files.Holger Levsen