BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debian-5.18releasing 5.18.2-7 to unstableNiko Tyni7 weeks
debian-5.20releasing version 5.20.0-6Dominic Hargreaves3 days
experimentalreleasing package perl version 5.20.1~rc1-1Dominic Hargreaves37 hours
ntyni/debian-5.19Install new modules to /usr/lib/<triplet> and /usr/local/lib/<triplet>Niko Tyni4 months
ntyni/debian-5.20Install new modules to /usr/lib/<triplet> and /usr/local/lib/<triplet>Niko Tyni3 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for perl_5.20.0.orig.tar.bz2Niko Tyni3 months
upstream-debian-5.18Import perl_5.18.2.orig.tar.bz2Niko Tyni8 months
upstream-debian-5.20Import perl_5.20.0.orig.tar.bz2Niko Tyni3 months
upstream-experimentalImport perl_5.20.1~rc1.orig.tar.bz2Dominic Hargreaves3 days
wheezyreleasing 5.14.2-21+deb7u1Dominic Hargreaves11 months
debian/5.20.1_rc1-1commit 8f463a3a43...Dominic Hargreaves31 hours
debian/5.20.0-6commit 8cd08b42ac...Dominic Hargreaves3 days
debian/5.20.0-5commit a24a84e73a...Dominic Hargreaves4 days
debian/5.20.0-4commit c1254e9e23...Niko Tyni3 weeks
debian/5.20.0-3commit edebc213fc...Niko Tyni4 weeks
debian/5.20.0-2commit d94219cdac...Niko Tyni4 weeks
debian/5.18.2-7commit 04b248c6e3...Niko Tyni7 weeks
debian/5.18.2-6commit 7e91f92072...Niko Tyni8 weeks
debian/5.18.2-5commit c8ca4b01ae...Niko Tyni8 weeks
debian/5.20.0-1commit 2b548c3f3e...Niko Tyni3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysreleasing version 5.20.0-6HEADdebian/5.20.0-6debian-5.20Dominic Hargreaves
3 daysExplicitly set mode of DEBIAN/conffiles to fix a Lintian error in certain bui...Dominic Hargreaves
4 daysreleasing version 5.20.0-5debian/5.20.0-5Dominic Hargreaves
4 daysMerge Dominic's README.source changesNiko Tyni
5 daysDrop the libcgi-fast-perl binary package, which is moving to a source package...Niko Tyni
5 daysFix the CGI::Fast deprecation message in debian/deprecate-with-apt.diffNiko Tyni
5 daysTell the 'less' pager to allow terminal escape sequencesNiko Tyni
5 daysPass LD settings through to subdirectoriesNiko Tyni
5 daysDowngrade the optimization of regcomp.c on mips and mipsel due to a gcc-4.9 bugNiko Tyni
5 daysSkip a regeneration check in unrelated git repositoriesNiko Tyni