BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
backportReady for releaseEnrico Zini5 months
masterAdd url option to gitlogs.Martín Ferrari47 hours
v0.7-1-bpo70+1tag d66008079e...Enrico Zini5 months
v0.7-1-bpo70+2commit a5cfb0f965...Enrico Zini5 months
v0.7-1commit 7562cff016...Enrico Zini5 months
v0.6-1-bpo70+1commit fc9c619c46...Enrico Zini7 months
v0.6commit f99f225c82...Enrico Zini8 months
v0.4commit 22181c8f12...Enrico Zini8 months
v0.3commit 2a2ee8f074...Enrico Zini8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
47 hoursAdd url option to gitlogs.HEADmasterMartín Ferrari
47 hoursRemove lowercasing of emails, as it is not consistent with the rest of the code.Martín Ferrari
2 daysAdd subdir field to gitlogs scanner, to limit the search to a specific direct...Martín Ferrari
2 daysFix failures when git logs have spaces in emails, and force lower case.Martín Ferrari
2 daysThe objects dir also needs to be scanned for gitdirs (Enrico's fix).Martín Ferrari
7 daysDeal with broken reposEnrico Zini
2014-03-21Regenerated DATAMINING.rstEnrico Zini
2014-03-21Fixed config key nameEnrico Zini
2014-03-21Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Zini
2014-03-21added new example conf filesFrancesca Ciceri