BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
backportReady for releaseEnrico Zini11 months
masterReadded from __future__ importsEnrico Zini4 weeks
v0.7-1-bpo70+1tag d66008079e...Enrico Zini11 months
v0.7-1-bpo70+2commit a5cfb0f965...Enrico Zini11 months
v0.7-1commit 7562cff016...Enrico Zini11 months
v0.6-1-bpo70+1commit fc9c619c46...Enrico Zini13 months
v0.6commit f99f225c82...Enrico Zini14 months
v0.4commit 22181c8f12...Enrico Zini14 months
v0.3commit 2a2ee8f074...Enrico Zini14 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-01-31Readded from __future__ importsHEADmasterEnrico Zini
2015-01-08Handle correctly parser errors (bad attribute in ClusterFail), and handle std...Martín Ferrari
2015-01-07Interpret all subprocess output as utf-8 streams, with fallbacks.Martín Ferrari
2014-09-03Git log fails if the requested directory does not exist in the CWD, for some ...Martín Ferrari
2014-08-31Add url option to gitlogs.Martín Ferrari
2014-08-31Remove lowercasing of emails, as it is not consistent with the rest of the code.Martín Ferrari
2014-08-31Add subdir field to gitlogs scanner, to limit the search to a specific direct...Martín Ferrari
2014-08-31Fix failures when git logs have spaces in emails, and force lower case.Martín Ferrari
2014-08-31The objects dir also needs to be scanned for gitdirs (Enrico's fix).Martín Ferrari
2014-08-26Deal with broken reposEnrico Zini