BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterImplemented API key supportEnrico Zini8 days
more-fd-infoShow new applicants to frontdesk even before advocacies are setJan Hauke Rahm3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 daysImplemented API key supportHEADmasterEnrico Zini
8 daysRemoved unused and potentially dangerous importsEnrico Zini
9 daysNew api: /api/statusEnrico Zini
9 daysAdded missing usernames to testsEnrico Zini
9 daysMigrate mm to dcEnrico Zini
2014-09-03Updated CheckDjangoPermissions task to the new user modelEnrico Zini
2014-09-03Tested logins with alioth usernamesEnrico Zini
2014-09-03Redone newnm form, requiring a login so we can fill Person.usernameEnrico Zini
2014-09-03Added sso_username with the full username provided by the single sign onEnrico Zini
2014-09-01Allow for someone who wasn't DM firstEnrico Zini