BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
edos-debcheckImplement wanna-build --read-onlyJoachim Breitner5 years
masterRename ppc64le into ppc64elAurelien Jarno7 days
postgresqlMake info not print lines that have a NULL in it.Kurt Roeckx5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
7 daysRename ppc64le into ppc64elHEADmasterAurelien Jarno
8 daysFetch debian-installer Packages.gz for incomingAurelien Jarno
9 daysFix stats graph so that ppc64le shows up in the legend.Kurt Roeckx
9 daysFix yaml entryAurelien Jarno
10 daysAdd ppc64el to the statsKurt Roeckx
10 days+ ppc64el1.debian.netAurelien Jarno
10 daysAdd ppc64el architectureAurelien Jarno
12 daysSort the names of the arches in the graphKurt Roeckx
12 daysDrop ia64 from the stats.Kurt Roeckx
12 daysAdd arm64 to the statsKurt Roeckx