BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
edos-debcheckImplement wanna-build --read-onlyJoachim Breitner5 years
masterRename ppc64le into ppc64elAurelien Jarno6 days
postgresqlMake info not print lines that have a NULL in it.Kurt Roeckx5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysRename ppc64le into ppc64elHEADmasterAurelien Jarno
7 daysFetch debian-installer Packages.gz for incomingAurelien Jarno
8 daysFix stats graph so that ppc64le shows up in the legend.Kurt Roeckx
9 daysFix yaml entryAurelien Jarno
9 daysAdd ppc64el to the statsKurt Roeckx
9 days+ ppc64el1.debian.netAurelien Jarno
9 daysAdd ppc64el architectureAurelien Jarno
11 daysSort the names of the arches in the graphKurt Roeckx
11 daysDrop ia64 from the stats.Kurt Roeckx
11 daysAdd arm64 to the statsKurt Roeckx