BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterremove dnsZoneEntry from restricted attributes to match config on db.d.oPeter Palfrader30 hours
new-objectsAdd ud-lockPeter Palfrader4 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.85commit c10a9816e1...Peter Palfrader4 months
userdir-ldap-0.3.79commit df7f83ff7b...Peter Palfrader4 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.78commit 1c2ccf5d37...Peter Palfrader5 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.77commit dc146e27f7...Martin Zobel-Helas5 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.76commit 8d74d55d0c...Stephen Gran5 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.75commit 0dcd29e25b...Stephen Gran5 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.74commit ba2a8657b1...Stephen Gran5 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.73commit 5af4a244c2...Peter Palfrader6 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.72commit 7b0e6a4544...Stephen Gran6 years
userdir-ldap-0.3.71commit 137c9ce4a3...Stephen Gran6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
30 hoursremove dnsZoneEntry from restricted attributes to match config on db.d.oHEADmasterPeter Palfrader
31 Rhonda points out dnsZoneEntry should not be worl...Peter Palfrader
2014-12-29Fix a grammatical issue.Paul Wise
2014-12-29Use the people.d.o alias instead of the machine name.Paul Wise
2014-12-28Debian SSL certs are no longer signed by the Debian/SPI CAs.Paul Wise
2014-12-28Switch from http to https for all the links in welcome mails.Paul Wise
2014-12-25people.d.o is now paradisJulien Cristau
2014-12-07New version numberPeter Palfrader
2014-12-07release 0.3.86Peter Palfrader
2014-12-07ud-replicated: only restore TERM if it was set before. If it wasn't leave it...Peter Palfrader