BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
etchallow building in Etch of on alpha and hppaPhilipp Kern6 years
jessieremove acpi: explicit architecture listPhilipp Kern7 months
lennyDon't build openjdk-6 on arm, hppa, alpha and ia64, as requeste by security teamKurt Roeckx3 years
sidremove colo/colo-installer: obsoleteAurelien Jarno6 weeks
squeezehostapd: Linux-specific; blacklist on kfreebsd*Philipp Kern22 months
wheezyremove open-vm-tools: explicit architecture listPhilipp Kern20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-12remove colo/colo-installer: obsoleteHEADsidAurelien Jarno
2014-07-12joystick: explicit architecture listAurelien Jarno
2014-07-11infiniband suite: explicit architecture listAurelien Jarno
2014-05-01remove fglrx-driver: explicit architecture listAndreas Barth
2014-05-01remove removed packagesAndreas Barth
2014-05-01remove many packages with explicit architecture listAndreas Barth
2014-05-01remove isdnutils, as this has an appropriate entry in the dsc nowAndreas Barth
2014-05-01Remove xserver-xorg-video-qxl, requested by waldiKurt Roeckx
2014-01-09remove acpi: explicit architecture listjessiePhilipp Kern
2014-01-09remove numactl: explicit architecture listPhilipp Kern