BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterwe want versioned debootstrap, so we get the BPO version, which piuparts needs.Martin Zobel-Helas8 days
release-55commit 7314f3fb4d...Peter Palfrader7 weeks
release-54commit be69b14ab1...Peter Palfrader7 months
release-52commit 04ce11e075...Martin Zobel-Helas13 months
release-51commit c88f311032...Peter Palfrader20 months
release-50commit f6305146a6...Peter Palfrader20 months
release-49commit cbed52f665...Martin Zobel-Helas2 years
release-45commit 021fb6caca...Martin Zobel-Helas3 years
release-35commit 7544dab008...Martin Zobel-Helas5 years
release-30commit 3301453c34...Martin Zobel-Helas5 years
release-19commit d6d2e7857c...Peter Palfrader5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 dayswe want versioned debootstrap, so we get the BPO version, which piuparts needs.HEADmasterMartin Zobel-Helas
14 daysRevert " add mosh"Héctor Orón Martínez
14 add moshHéctor Orón Martínez
2014-09-28qa: +dose-distcheck, dose-builddebcheck, python3-yaml, python3-debianPeter Palfrader
2014-09-20Drop a couple packages we have anywayPeter Palfrader
2014-09-20And a changelog entryPeter Palfrader
2014-09-20Add metapackage for the http-redirectorRaphael Geissert
2014-09-14Start 56Peter Palfrader
2014-09-14Release 55release-55Peter Palfrader
2014-09-14Depend on git, not git-corePeter Palfrader