BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterwiki: Add versioned dependency on python-moinmoin as we're in backportsSteve McIntyre5 days
release-54commit be69b14ab1...Peter Palfrader5 months
release-52commit 04ce11e075...Martin Zobel-Helas11 months
release-51commit c88f311032...Peter Palfrader18 months
release-50commit f6305146a6...Peter Palfrader18 months
release-49commit cbed52f665...Martin Zobel-Helas2 years
release-45commit 021fb6caca...Martin Zobel-Helas3 years
release-35commit 7544dab008...Martin Zobel-Helas4 years
release-30commit 3301453c34...Martin Zobel-Helas5 years
release-19commit d6d2e7857c...Peter Palfrader5 years
release-18commit 194adfbe20...Peter Palfrader5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 dayswiki: Add versioned dependency on python-moinmoin as we're in backportsHEADmasterSteve McIntyre
5 daysAdd libgmp10 for buildd.debian.orgMehdi Dogguy
9 replace python-beautifulsoup by python-bs4Raphaël Hertzog
2014-07-05Update buildd-reboot script to also stop buildd2Peter Palfrader add dpkg-dev, python-ldapRaphaël Hertzog
2014-07-01Switch from python cjson to simplejson because python-kombu breaks it.Paul Wise
2014-06-30add changelog entry for pabsMartin Zobel-Helas
2014-06-30Add metapackage for the Debian derivatives census patch generationPaul Wise add munin-plugins-extraHéctor Orón Martínez
2014-05-24buildd: +libyaml-libyaml-perlPeter Palfrader