BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.2update timestamp and set urgency=high to point-land lennyGerfried Fuchs6 years
etch-backportsRemoved Conflicts with amavisd-newGerfried Fuchs6 years
interpolate-rulesadd ref implementation of rule macrosmartin f. krafft7 years
lenny-backportsbackports stubGerfried Fuchs4 years
masterPrepared upload to unstableHannes von Haugwitz8 hours
debian/1.3.17commit 2429e67ad8...Hannes von Haugwitz8 hours
debian/1.3.16commit a67b8536b3...Hannes von Haugwitz9 months
debian/1.3.15commit ef7f2f728b...Hannes von Haugwitz2 years
debian/1.3.14commit b48a36f65a...Hannes von Haugwitz3 years
debian/1.3.13_bpo50+1commit ac3329a1be...Gerfried Fuchs4 years
debian/1.3.12_bpo50+1commit 2cbc077c2e...Gerfried Fuchs4 years
debian/1.3.13commit 8f64f4f9ba...Hannes von Haugwitz4 years
debian/1.3.12commit a50eae24df...Hannes von Haugwitz4 years
debian/1.3.11_bpo50+1commit d04007e69d...Gerfried Fuchs4 years
debian/1.3.11commit b1bed91646...Hannes von Haugwitz4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
8 hoursPrepared upload to unstableHEADdebian/1.3.17masterHannes von Haugwitz
9 hoursi.d.s/dkim-filter: removedHannes von Haugwitz
7 daysi.d.s/ssh: match key fingerprintHannes von Haugwitz
7 dayssrc/logcheck: set VERSION to the current versionHannes von Haugwitz
13 daysdocs/README.Maintainer: fixed typoHannes von Haugwitz
13 daysdebian/copyright: updated copyright year to 2014Hannes von Haugwitz
13 daysdebian/copyright: removed obsolete 'fork' noticeHannes von Haugwitz
13 daysRevert "debian/control: updated Homepage field"Hannes von Haugwitz
13 daysdebian/control: bumped to Standards-Version 3.9.6Hannes von Haugwitz
2014-10-07i.d.s/dhcp: adjust rule to match new URLHannes von Haugwitz