BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devbasemove from squeeze to wheezy, losing the need for backports and gettingBdale Garbee3 years
masterEnable non-free for cubietruck.James Valleroy4 weeks
public-0.2commit 8450cf6ff7...Bdale Garbee11 months
public-0.1commit de1f66f065...Bdale Garbee3 years
dev-2commit d87066cea2...Bdale Garbee3 years
dev-1commit 3273eb5bce...Bdale Garbee3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-01-29Enable non-free for cubietruck.HEADmasterJames Valleroy
2015-01-29CubieTruck supportpeacekeeper
2015-01-25Merge pull request #10 from vignanl/repo_archiveJames Valleroy
2015-01-25Merge pull request #8 from fonfon/documentationJames Valleroy
2015-01-25Merge pull request #7 from vignanl/source_listJames Valleroy
2015-01-17Ability to set specific components based on targetsVignan Lavu
2015-01-13reverted change: again point to debian git repofonfon
2015-01-13Updated installation instructionsfonfon
2015-01-10Merge pull request #6 from vignanl/virtualbox64James Valleroy
2015-01-10Merge pull request #4 from jvalleroy/masterJames Valleroy