BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastert-triggers: Take into account temporary workaround for aptGuillem Jover4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-11-20t-triggers: Take into account temporary workaround for aptHEADmasterGuillem Jover
2014-11-20t-deb-split: Only ignore the data file not the entire packagingGuillem Jover
2014-11-20t-queue-process-deconf-dupe: Add file ReplacesGuillem Jover
2014-11-20t-breaks-queue-dupe: Rename to t-queue-process-deconf-dupeGuillem Jover
2014-11-20t-triggers-depcycle: Do not break trigger cycles for direct dependenciesGuillem Jover
2014-11-20t-control-bogus: Add new test casesGuillem Jover
2014-11-20t-maintscript-leak: Add new test caseGuillem Jover
2014-11-01t-breaks-queue-dupe: Add new test caseGuillem Jover
2014-10-24t-triggers: Add explicit await test casesGuillem Jover
2014-10-19t-triggers: Add trigger and dependency cycle test casesGuillem Jover