BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastert-provides: Add test cases for upgrading the providing packageGuillem Jover2 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-07-16t-provides: Add test cases for upgrading the providing packageHEADmasterGuillem Jover
2014-07-13Use package status functions instead of using ad-hoc codeGuillem Jover
2014-07-13t-failinst-failrm: Upgrade to a fixed package to be able to purgeGuillem Jover
2014-06-20t-depends-versioned: Merge into t-dependsGuillem Jover
2014-06-20t-provides: Add versioned provides testsGuillem Jover
2014-06-20t-depends-provides: Rename to t-providesGuillem Jover
2014-06-20t-provides-arch-implicit: Add new test caseGuillem Jover
2014-06-19build: Enable t-triggers-dependsGuillem Jover
2014-06-19build: Remove xz compressed source packagesGuillem Jover
2014-06-19build: Export PATHGuillem Jover