BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastert-triggers-depfarcycle: Rework test caseGuillem Jover5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-12-23t-triggers-depfarcycle: Rework test caseHEADmasterGuillem Jover
2014-12-23t-triggers-halt: New test caseGuillem Jover
2014-12-23t-triggers-selfcycle: New test caseGuillem Jover
2014-12-23t-triggers-depends: Improve test caseGuillem Jover
2014-12-23test: Use DPKG_CONFIGURE instead of its expanded formGuillem Jover
2014-12-23build: Specify a --log for dpkgGuillem Jover
2014-12-16build: Do not pass -r to rm for db/archGuillem Jover
2014-12-16build: Allow creating an out-of-tree dpkg databaseGuillem Jover
2014-11-20t-triggers: Take into account temporary workaround for aptGuillem Jover
2014-11-20t-deb-split: Only ignore the data file not the entire packagingGuillem Jover