BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMove the cron configuration into gitPaul Wise38 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
38 hoursMove the cron configuration into gitHEADmasterPaul Wise
2 daysFIXME: deal with rate-limited websites like alioth that do not like many requ...Paul Wise
2 daysMake it clearer that some patches are not useful and whyPaul Wise
3 daysWorkaround the possibility of some source packages not being downloadablePaul Wise
3 daysRe-download files when missing from the derivatives sha1 cachePaul Wise
3 daysFallback on ISO-8859-1 encoding when the changelog is not UTF-8Paul Wise
2014-07-01Switch from python cjson to simplejsonPaul Wise
2014-06-28Prevent the possibility of argument injection with lzip filesPaul Wise
2014-06-23aggregate-sources-* never have to serialise python objects, use yaml.safe_dumpPaul Wise
2014-04-21Support getting the RSS feed for Facebook pages.Paul Wise