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masterSet timeouts for wget to 60 secondsPaul Wise3 days
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3 daysSet timeouts for wget to 60 secondsHEADmasterPaul Wise
2015-03-06Fix typosPaul Wise
2015-03-06Remove obsolete script.Paul Wise
2015-03-06Improve Maintainer handling and detection of teams.Paul Wise
2015-03-06Use wildcards instead of hard-coding architecture, component and section listsPaul Wise
2015-03-06Strip strange characters from potentially untrusted files to make the script ...Paul Wise
2015-03-06Don't hard-code the components and architectures lists.Paul Wise
2015-03-04Updating architecture list with thanks to Adam D. Barratt. Closes: #774511Kåre Thor Olsen added https supportPaul Wise
2014-11-26Tighten the grep commands used to detect http/https sitesPaul Wise