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masterThe latest installation-guide upload wasn’t about WheezyDavid Prévot3 weeks
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2014-09-28The latest installation-guide upload wasn’t about WheezyHEADmasterDavid Prévot
2014-08-13Drop workaround for #684201 and #729194 now fixedDavid Prévot
2014-07-20quick fixStéphane Blondon
2014-04-30Remove now cruft fileDavid Prévot
2014-03-07Allow https sites that moved to SSL mafia certificatesPaul Wise
2014-02-08debian-reference + maint-guideOsamu Aoki
2014-02-07debian-policy: no more gz filesOsamu Aoki
2013-11-25Also install debian-java-faq from java-commonDavid Prévot
2013-11-10Add a workaround for #729194David Prévot
2013-07-30wiki.d.o uses a non-Debian CA now so it is fine to link to https for itPaul Wise