BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
andreasdebpool init script, next iteration (added /etc/default/debpoollittletux-guest8 years
andres * Changed copyright format, included myself in copyright. It uses the formatAndres Mejia6 years
big-refactoringCreate another branch so I can continue with some lesser changes in the exist...holmgren-guest8 years
magnusTemporarily solve the problem that DebPool wanted every upload to have a grea...holmgren-guest8 years
masterRemoving myself as an uploader as I'm no longer maintaining debpool.Andres Mejia5 years
debian/0.5.0commit 890bdcd836...Andres Mejia6 years
debian/0.4.1commit 54e2d8f228...Andres Mejia6 years
debian/0.4.0commit 2abb162e05...Andres Mejia6 years
debian/0.3.10commit 5af1f5537e...Andres Mejia6 years
debian/0.3.9commit 2f6d67049f...Andres Mejia6 years
debian/0.3.8commit 924e0c201d...Andres Mejia6 years
debian/0.3.7commit 499439cfe8...Andres Mejia6 years
debian/0.3.6commit 407119d558...Andres Mejia6 years
0.2.3commit ab8cda3c89...magnus
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2009-09-20Removing myself as an uploader as I'm no longer maintaining debpool.HEADmasterAndres Mejia
2008-10-30Added depends on libarchive-ar-perlAndres Mejia
2008-10-27Updated TODOdebian/0.5.0Andres Mejia
2008-10-27Fix minor errorAndres Mejia
2008-10-27Change perl 'require' function to 'use' functionAndres Mejia
2008-10-27Fix issue where Packages and Sources files were not being generated forAndres Mejia
2008-10-27 * Only go through u?deb packages in Generate_Package().Andres Mejia
2008-10-26various fixesAndres Mejia
2008-10-26Edited Dpkg_Field() method slightlyAndres Mejia
2008-10-26Start implementing new module ( Mejia