BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermerge patched into masterJulien Puydt4 weeks
master-gmplibflint-dev depends on libmpfr-devFelix Salfelder12 months
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for flint_2.4.4.orig.tar.gzFelix Salfelder3 months
tmpbackport gmp support from flint gitFelix Salfelder13 months
upstreamUpdate make dist for 2.4.4.William Hart3 months
debian/2.4.4-1commit fc89ecfe7f...Tobias Hansen6 weeks
upstream/2.3commit f00a9c4907...William Hart22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-08-26merge patched into masterHEADmasterJulien Puydt
2014-08-26Don't include directly g_lip.h which is considered internalJulien Puydt
2014-08-14Completed d/copyright as instructed by Thorsten AlteholzJulien Puydt
2014-08-12Delete flint-manual.pdf with d/rules clean.debian/2.4.4-1Tobias Hansen
2014-08-12Update changelog.Tobias Hansen
2014-08-11merge patched into masterJulien Puydt
2014-08-11Make fmpz_invmod behave like mpz_invertJannis Harder
2014-08-11Revert "Use a better patch to handle GMP >= 6"Julien Puydt
2014-08-10Added the d/ch entries from the NMUs and rewrote the last entryJulien Puydt
2014-08-09Use the standard name for BSD-2-clause in d/copyright.Tobias Hansen