BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fooWIP.Cyril Brulebois3 years
ftp-masterlib/dpkg.c: Keep noise related to AIEEEs to a minimum.Cyril Brulebois3 years
masterbritney: Ignore "remark" hints as they are not meant for usNiels Thykier3 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysbritney: Ignore "remark" hints as they are not meant for usHEADmasterNiels Thykier
13 daysSync britney_nobreakall.conf with the main configurationAdam D. Barratt
2014-11-08excuses: show cruft and missing buildsIvo De Decker
2014-11-07Link to the freeze policy for blocked packagesIvo De Decker
2014-11-05Revert "Set all urgencies to 10 days"Julien Cristau
2014-11-03Make arm64 and ppc64el regular archsJulien Cristau
2014-11-02Disable smooth updatesJulien Cristau
2014-10-05Set all urgencies to 10 daysJonathan Wiltshire
2014-09-21Don't remove arch:all binaries when migrating *pu binNMUsAdam D. Barratt
2014-09-14add arm64 ppc64elAndreas Barth