BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfix methods using private method from samtools lib, and comment those using s...Olivier Sallou3 days
metaUploaded igv_1.5.64-1_amd64.changes.Charles Plessy3 years
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for igv_2.3.34+dfsg.orig.tar.xzAndreas Tille5 days
upstreamImported Upstream version 2.3.34+dfsgAndreas Tille5 days
upstream/2.3.34+dfsgcommit cc540ed3e6...Andreas Tille5 days
debian/2.3.14+dfsg-2commit edf7ffdb43...Andreas Tille5 months
debian/2.3.14+dfsg-1commit 219f05095f...Olivier Sallou11 months
upstream/2.3.14+dfsgcommit 0d671fb220...Olivier Sallou11 months
2.3.14+dfsgcommit 0d671fb220...Olivier Sallou11 months
debian/2.3.12+dfsg-1commit c087c3183d...Olivier Sallou13 months
upstream/2.3.12+dfsgcommit 349cd15ed9...Olivier Sallou13 months
debian/2.3.2+dfsg-2commit e8edb444de...Olivier Sallou15 months
debian/2.3.2+dfsg-1commit f2d7dca448...Olivier Sallou16 months
upstream/2.3.2+dfsgcommit d2e95f8b25...Olivier Sallou16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysfix methods using private method from samtools lib, and comment those using s...HEADmasterOlivier Sallou
3 daysfix copy of batik-codec from Debian and goby lib location, add cleanup for co...Olivier Sallou
5 daysAdapted quilt patch; New Build-Depends: libcommons-io-javaAndreas Tille
5 daysMerge tag 'upstream/2.3.34+dfsg'Andreas Tille
5 daysImported Upstream version 2.3.34+dfsgupstream/2.3.34+dfsgupstreamAndreas Tille
5 daysAdapt watch file to new location (github) and thus beeing able to detect new ...Andreas Tille
5 daysAdapt to new uscanAndreas Tille
2014-03-18Imported Upstream version 2.3.14+dfsgAndreas Tille
2014-03-17Upload to unstabledebian/2.3.14+dfsg-2Andreas Tille
2014-03-17Add missing default-jdk in Build-Depends and use ${java:Depends} instead of r...Andreas Tille