BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRemove invalid path reference.Martijn van Oosterhout13 months
20080812.0commit d479248133...Martin Bagge7 years
20080811.1commit 4f225929a2...Martin Bagge7 years
20080811.0commit 4485f56f5e...Martin Bagge7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-03-29Remove invalid path reference.HEADmasterMartijn van Oosterhout
2014-03-29Log error messages and release DB connection correctly.Martijn van Oosterhout
2014-03-29Change if package was actually found, to reducing spamming in logs.Martijn van Oosterhout
2014-01-19Fix stats display to read gz files instead of bz2.Martijn van Oosterhout
2014-01-18Keep weekly dumps instad of daily, for disk space.Martijn van Oosterhout
2014-01-18Fix UTF-8 check now Encode::decode_utf8 apparently clobbers argument.Martijn van Oosterhout
2014-01-18Set the From/Sender correctly in outgoing email.Martijn van Oosterhout
2014-01-18Use the gz files rather than bz2 now that bz2 has been removed.Martijn van Oosterhout
2014-01-06Fix base so you stay in HTTPS once there.Martijn van Oosterhout
2014-01-06Don't copy script, handled by apache config.Martijn van Oosterhout