BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
installerAdd some missing includes from installer-tmpBen Armstrong5 years
installer-tmpHousecleaning commitBen Armstrong5 years
lennyInclude gsynaptics to configure touchpad.Ben Armstrong5 years
masterFix quoting of auto/config arguments.Ben Armstrong4 years
1.0b1commit 946b96aee8...Ben Armstrong6 years
1.0a9commit fa74f302d3...Ben Armstrong6 years
1.0a8commit 3448b916e9...Ben Armstrong6 years
1.0a7commit 286a6f303c...Ben Armstrong6 years
1.0a6commit 0097682ed0...Ben Armstrong6 years
1.0a5commit bed162848a...Ben Armstrong7 years
1.0a4commit cd467114e1...Ben Armstrong7 years
1.0a3commit 768ddb270e...Ben Armstrong7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-12-27Fix quoting of auto/config arguments.HEADmasterBen Armstrong
2010-11-12Re-enable win32-loader.Ben Armstrong
2010-11-12Update Changelog.Ben Armstrong
2010-11-12Remove no longer needed workaround (bug #588863 closed).Ben Armstrong
2010-11-12Enable volume hotkeys, as LXDE has no mappings.Ben Armstrong
2010-11-12Include volume control in panel and make it easier to see by changing backgro...Ben Armstrong
2010-11-12Simplify auto/config and balance package selection between functional and min...Ben Armstrong
2010-11-12Take screenshots directly to Desktop.Ben Armstrong
2010-10-02Use gdm for now, for consistency with lxde in squeezeBen Armstrong
2010-09-20Refresh auto scripts, trim out win32-loader and add -r live.d.nBen Armstrong