BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
lennymerge from trunkHolger Levsen4 years
masterSadly acknowledging that David Prévot has removed himself from uploaders. Th...Holger Levsen18 hours
reproducibleuse dh_strip_nondeterminism to make the build deterministicHolger Levsen3 months
squeezeMerge branch 'master' into squeezeDavid Prévot22 months
wheezyUpdate changelog for 1.5~20130920~7.1+deb7u1 releaseDavid Prévot15 months
1.6_20141203_8.0+edu0_alpha1commit 52a169352e...Holger Levsen2 weeks
1.6_20141026_8.0+edu0_alpha0commit 9b012b85f4...Holger Levsen8 weeks
1.6_20141019_8.0commit f529f52026...Holger Levsen2 months
1.6_20141005_8.0commit 4be3f8be73...Holger Levsen2 months
1.5_20130920_7.1+deb7u1commit 8d37f9bbfe...David Prévot15 months
1.5_20131001_7.1commit 258bcceff5...David Prévot15 months
1.5_20130920_7.1commit 91bbeac481...David Prévot15 months
1.5_20130919_7.1commit da235a597f...David Prévot15 months
1.5_20130915_7.1commit 82cff05e98...David Prévot15 months
1.5_20130727_7.1commit 29a7cc2d79...David Prévot17 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
18 hoursSadly acknowledging that David Prévot has removed himself from uploaders. Th...HEADmasterHolger Levsen
18 hoursupdate debian/changelog to better reflect work in previous commitsHolger Levsen
18 hoursupdate audacity manual from the wiki and update debian/copyright accordingly.Holger Levsen
18 hoursUpdate debian/copyright from the wikis using the update-copyright target.Holger Levsen
18 hourschanges after debuildHolger Levsen
18 hoursUpdated the Rosegarden and Audacity manuals from the wikiHolger Levsen
19 hoursRemove self from UploadersDavid Prévot
19 hoursadd changelog entry for Claudio CarbonciniHolger Levsen
19 hoursAdd meta info in comment header, fixing missing copyright string.Petter Reinholdtsen
19 hoursdebian-edu-(jessie|wheezy).nb.po: formating changes after debuildHolger Levsen