BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
lennymerge from trunkHolger Levsen4 years
masterUpdate manuals and images from the wiki.Wolfgang Schweer6 hours
reproducibleuse dh_strip_nondeterminism to make the build deterministicHolger Levsen3 weeks
squeezeMerge branch 'master' into squeezeDavid Prévot20 months
wheezyUpdate changelog for 1.5~20130920~7.1+deb7u1 releaseDavid Prévot13 months
1.6_20141019_8.0commit f529f52026...Holger Levsen6 days
1.6_20141005_8.0commit 4be3f8be73...Holger Levsen3 weeks
1.5_20130920_7.1+deb7u1commit 8d37f9bbfe...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20131001_7.1commit 258bcceff5...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20130920_7.1commit 91bbeac481...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20130919_7.1commit da235a597f...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20130915_7.1commit 82cff05e98...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20130727_7.1commit 29a7cc2d79...David Prévot15 months
1.5_20130714_7.1commit b4a3f4f98b...David Prévot15 months
1.5_20130706_7.1commit ee7c0901b4...David Prévot16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 hoursUpdate manuals and images from the wiki.HEADmasterWolfgang Schweer
7 hoursAdd myself to the German translatersJürgen Leibner
7 hoursTranslated a sentence into German.Jürgen Leibner
9 hoursRemove obsolete 'grub question' image.Wolfgang Schweer
9 hoursUpdate manual and images from the wiki. (Sorry: once again cause I forgot to ...Wolfgang Schweer
9 hoursUpdate manuals and images from the wiki.Wolfgang Schweer
9 hoursimages/de: Remove now obsolete 'grub asking for device' image.Wolfgang Schweer
9 hoursUse 'max-width: 100%' in common/edu.css.xml instead of the fix value '800px' ...Wolfgang Schweer
13 hourscommon: Provide edu.css.xml stylesheet and adjust html.xls to let the browser...Wolfgang Schweer
39 hoursJessie Manual translation update: Dutch (Frans Spiesschaert) (Closes: #766627)Holger Levsen