BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
lennymerge from trunkHolger Levsen4 years
masterrelease as 1.6~20141026~8.0+edu0~alpha0 to sidHolger Levsen6 days
reproducibleuse dh_strip_nondeterminism to make the build deterministicHolger Levsen4 weeks
squeezeMerge branch 'master' into squeezeDavid Prévot20 months
wheezyUpdate changelog for 1.5~20130920~7.1+deb7u1 releaseDavid Prévot13 months
1.6_20141026_8.0+edu0_alpha0commit 9b012b85f4...Holger Levsen6 days
1.6_20141019_8.0commit f529f52026...Holger Levsen13 days
1.6_20141005_8.0commit 4be3f8be73...Holger Levsen4 weeks
1.5_20130920_7.1+deb7u1commit 8d37f9bbfe...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20131001_7.1commit 258bcceff5...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20130920_7.1commit 91bbeac481...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20130919_7.1commit da235a597f...David Prévot13 months
1.5_20130915_7.1commit 82cff05e98...David Prévot14 months
1.5_20130727_7.1commit 29a7cc2d79...David Prévot15 months
1.5_20130714_7.1commit b4a3f4f98b...David Prévot16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysrelease as 1.6~20141026~8.0+edu0~alpha0 to sidHEAD1.6_20141026_8.0+edu0_alpha0masterHolger Levsen
6 daysTranslate a bit more.Petter Reinholdtsen
6 daysFix build problem for nb PDF. Use Norwegian quotes instead of american ones ...Petter Reinholdtsen
6 days1.6~20141026~8.0+edu0~alpha0 it shall beHolger Levsen
6 daysupdated from the wiki with the new get_manual scriptHolger Levsen
6 daysMake documentation/scripts/get_manual cope with "~alpha0" in section ids.Holger Levsen
6 daysRevert "scripts/get_manual: fix '~' issue to work with new version string."Holger Levsen
6 daysRevert "Updated get_manual script."Holger Levsen
6 daysUpdated get_manual script.Wolfgang Schweer
6 daysscripts/get_manual: fix '~' issue to work with new version string.Wolfgang Schweer