BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
git-svnGenerate jessie firmware bundles, not wheezycd-builder user18 months
masterAdd ppc64elSteve McIntyre7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-10-02Add ppc64elHEADmasterSteve McIntyre
2014-09-21Add arm64 for jessie buildsSteve McIntyre
2014-09-10Add the weekly-snapshots script tooSteve McIntyre
2014-08-18Don't build the special CD1 that matches the default desktopSteve McIntyre
2014-04-26Remove sparc from testing image productionSteve McIntyre
2014-04-26Wheezy point releaseSteve McIntyre
2014-04-16Make gpg signing work without terminal *sigh*Steve McIntyre
2014-04-15Sign testing images automaticallySteve McIntyre
2014-04-15New helper script for signing checksumsSteve McIntyre
2014-04-15Squeeze point buildSteve McIntyre