BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
git-svnGenerate jessie firmware bundles, not wheezycd-builder user23 months
masterStart Stretch developmentSteve McIntyre18 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
18 hoursStart Stretch developmentHEADmasterSteve McIntyre
3 daysFix moving the openstack image dirSteve McIntyre
3 daysChange build order to make more testable things come out firstSteve McIntyre
3 daysDon't assume testing when working out default desktopSteve McIntyre
9 daysImprove handling of arches with firmwareSteve McIntyre
9 daysTweak architecture listsSteve McIntyre
2015-04-10Call the header generating script automatically during buildSteve McIntyre
2015-04-10Generate HEADER.html files in all the subdirs of the weekly and buildsSteve McIntyre
2015-04-10Add generation of live and openstack imagesSteve McIntyre
2015-02-09Don't use DEBVERSION, it's not set yet; use RELEASE_BUILD insteadSteve McIntyre