BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gitsrcreleaseJoey Hess5 years
jessieRelease debhelper/9.20150101 into unstableNiels Thykier3 weeks
masterdh_installdocs: Document a caveat of using --link-docNiels Thykier2 weeks
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for debhelper_9.20130630.tar.gzJoey Hess19 months
smarter-targetsMerge branch 'master' into smarter-targetsJoey Hess4 years
wheezyreleasing version 9.20120909Joey Hess2 years
debian/9.20150101commit 84ed0f5fe3...Niels Thykier3 weeks
debian/9.20141222commit 229eecfbf0...Niels Thykier5 weeks
debian/9.20141221commit f577e6fa13...Niels Thykier5 weeks
9.20141107commit 76669f0e65...Joey Hess3 months
debian/9.20141107commit 76669f0e65...Joey Hess3 months
9.20141022commit ceeb93c357...Joey Hess3 months
debian/9.20141022commit ceeb93c357...Joey Hess3 months
9.20141010commit 21b042d6a2...Joey Hess4 months
debian/9.20141010commit 21b042d6a2...Joey Hess4 months
9.20141003commit 4cc14d07d9...Joey Hess4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-01-08dh_installdocs: Document a caveat of using --link-docHEADmasterNiels Thykier
2015-01-08Fix typo in current changelog entryAxel Beckert
2015-01-08Fix a wrong reference to a nonexistent $base.Peter Pentchev
2015-01-08Fix a typo (libaries -> libraries).Peter Pentchev
2015-01-08dh_installdocs: Use ${binary:Version} in substvars w. --link-docNiels Thykier
2015-01-08d/changelog: Document the changes related to #438930Niels Thykier
2015-01-08doc/PROGRAMMING: Document install_{dir,file,prog,lib}Niels Thykier
2015-01-08Replace more doit('install' ...) calls to install_XNiels Thykier
2015-01-08Add leading 0 to "mode" parametersMartin Koeppe
2015-01-08Migrate some calls to use the new install_X subsMartin Koeppe