BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
gitsrcreleaseJoey Hess4 years
masterprep releaseJoey Hess15 hours
pristine-tarpristine-tar data for debhelper_9.20130630.tar.gzJoey Hess16 months
smarter-targetsMerge branch 'master' into smarter-targetsJoey Hess3 years
wheezyreleasing version 9.20120909Joey Hess2 years
9.20141022commit ceeb93c357...Joey Hess15 hours
debian/9.20141022commit ceeb93c357...Joey Hess15 hours
9.20141010commit 21b042d6a2...Joey Hess12 days
debian/9.20141010commit 21b042d6a2...Joey Hess13 days
9.20141003commit 4cc14d07d9...Joey Hess3 weeks
debian/9.20141003commit 4cc14d07d9...Joey Hess3 weeks
9.20140817commit 3edef9f8d0...Joey Hess2 months
debian/9.20140817commit 3edef9f8d0...Joey Hess2 months
9.20140809commit 5ab49918ad...Joey Hess2 months
debian/9.20140809commit 5ab49918ad...Joey Hess2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
15 hoursprep releaseHEADdebian/9.201410229.20141022masterJoey Hess
15 hoursdh_installdeb: register conffiles in a stable orderJérémy Bobbio
13 daysprep releasedebian/9.201410109.20141010Joey Hess
13 daysavoid referring to $package in error messageJoey Hess
13 daysremove %package_profilesJoey Hess
13 daysclean up profiles codeJoey Hess
13 daysfix layoutJoey Hess
13 daysfix up from git am of patch that was for some reason not based on current rel...Joey Hess
13 daysMerge commit '4402e553df5279c2f65aee8623aca504988cc508'Joey Hess
13 daysuse libdpkg-perl to parse and evaluate build profilesjosch