BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
git-storage-mergegitstorage : add the gitStorage to the importerkolo2 years
improvexpocomments : fix missing expect statementBaptiste Mouterde2 years
liveFix a typo on the rfs_howto page.Nicolas Dandrimont10 months
masterReword slightly the introNicolas Dandrimont16 months
new-importerOnly one method for getting the Package object.Clément Schreiner2 years
plugin-apiAdd a __contains__ method for checking whether a plugin has been loaded.Clément Schreiner2 years
semantic-reviewUpdate the repository before plugins are run.Clément Schreiner2 years
tentative-mergeMerge branch 'plugin-api' into tentative-mergeNicolas Dandrimont2 years
v2.2commit fd1ca2fced...Nicolas Dandrimont3 years
v2.1commit 642097a2cd...Arno Töll3 years
v2commit 5605b61c08...Arno Töll3 years
v1commit 58a0e3c886...Arno Töll3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-09-05Reword slightly the introHEADmasterNicolas Dandrimont
2013-09-05Fix typo on the front pageNicolas Dandrimont
2013-06-23apt_pkg.VersionCompare -> version_compareNicolas Dandrimont
2013-06-22importer: chdir back to the previous cwd when building the sourcesSimon Chopin
2013-06-11Merge branch 'live'Nicolas Dandrimont
2013-06-10devel >> /dev/fireNicolas Dandrimont
2013-05-05Remove warning that Wheezy is frozenArno Töll
2013-05-05Remove warning that Wheezy is frozenArno Töll
2013-03-25Make the distribution list a little mode readableDebexpo Live User
2013-03-02Add a note about the command to export the GPG keyDebexpo Live User