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masterfix tag and publishAna Guerrero López13 days
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13 daysfix tag and publishHEADmasterAna Guerrero López
14 daysadd link to the report and update dateAna Guerrero López
2014-11-11Fix number of sponsors in text (eight -> nine)Laura Arjona Reina
2014-11-11Add draft for debconf15 sponsors postAna Guerrero López
2014-10-19Add template fileAna Guerrero López
2014-10-16opw 2014 announcement postAna Guerrero López
2014-08-16fix slugAna Guerrero López
2014-08-16it's 21 no 20!Ana Guerrero López
2014-08-16publish debian 21Ana Guerrero López
2014-08-16Add debian 21 draftAna Guerrero López