BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bug106073-rraSome further wording tweaks to additional documentationRuss Allbery3 years
bug23712-rraChangelog and upgrading-checklist for #23712Russ Allbery3 years
bug542288-rraFix typos in the new version numbering convention policyRuss Allbery3 years
bug587279-rraMerge branch 'master' into bug587279-rraRuss Allbery3 years
bug587991-rraFurther clarify use of /etc/perlRuss Allbery3 years
bug593611-billUpdate upgrading-checklist.sgmlBill Allombert4 months
bug640263-rraMerge branch 'master' into bug640263-rraRuss Allbery23 months
bug646119-billPatch from Charles Plessy [#646119]Bill Allombert3 years
bug662998-rraMerge branch 'master' into bug662998-rraRuss Allbery23 months
mastervirtual-package-names-list.txt: update java-runtime listBill Allombert3 days
v3.9.5.0commit f6997b3ba7...Charles Plessy9 months
v3.9.4.0commit 2e02de93ce...Russ Allbery22 months
v3.9.3.1commit 04125d5744...Russ Allbery2 years
v3.9.3.0commit f59895b75b...Russ Allbery2 years
v3.9.2.0commit 6a00b3d5ec...Russ Allbery3 years
v3.9.1.0commit 81e2250ce9...Russ Allbery4 years
v3.9.0.0commit 4e41ea78d0...Russ Allbery4 years
v3.8.4.0commit 5a751a793a...Bill Allombert4 years
v3.8.3.0commit 15a9ff0be3...Russ Allbery5 years
v3.8.2.0commit 75ff16ccef...Bill Allombert5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysvirtual-package-names-list.txt: update java-runtime listHEADmasterBill Allombert
2014-07-07Build-Depends on emacs24-nox|emacs24 instead of emacs23.Bill Allombert
2014-06-30Policy: [5.6.21] Files: Fix typo "by" -> be.Bill Allombert
2014-06-30Fix typo in latest entry reported by Niko TinyBill Allombert
2014-06-13Perl Policy: Packages using Perl vendorarch directory need a perlapi-* depend...Bill Allombert
2014-06-13All packages using Perl vendorarch directory need a perlapi-* dependencyNiko Tyni
2014-05-30Perl Policy: @INC changes for multiarchBill Allombert
2014-05-30Recommend $Config{vendorarch} et al. over hardcoding @INC locationsNiko Tyni
2014-05-30Policy: Discourage statically linked binariesBill Allombert
2014-05-30Policy: Grant an FHS exception for the multiarch headers directoriesBill Allombert