BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bug106073-rraSome further wording tweaks to additional documentationRuss Allbery3 years
bug542288-rraFix typos in the new version numbering convention policyRuss Allbery3 years
bug587279-rraMerge branch 'master' into bug587279-rraRuss Allbery3 years
bug593611-billUpdate upgrading-checklist.sgmlBill Allombert8 months
bug640263-rraMerge branch 'master' into bug640263-rraRuss Allbery2 years
bug662998-rraMerge branch 'master' into bug662998-rraRuss Allbery2 years
bug759491-rraChange inobvious to not obviousRuss Allbery3 months
bug759492-rraDiscourage conflicts between /bin and /usr/bin, etc.Russ Allbery3 months
bug769219-ballombeReset version to Allombert4 days
masterAdd more versions of the Creative Commons licenses in tools/license-count.Charles Plessy11 days
v3.9.6.0commit 32481a3238...Bill Allombert2 months
v3.9.5.0commit f6997b3ba7...Charles Plessy13 months
v3.9.4.0commit 2e02de93ce...Russ Allbery2 years
v3.9.3.1commit 04125d5744...Russ Allbery3 years
v3.9.3.0commit f59895b75b...Russ Allbery3 years
v3.9.2.0commit 6a00b3d5ec...Russ Allbery4 years
v3.9.1.0commit 81e2250ce9...Russ Allbery4 years
v3.9.0.0commit 4e41ea78d0...Russ Allbery4 years
v3.8.4.0commit 5a751a793a...Bill Allombert5 years
v3.8.3.0commit 15a9ff0be3...Russ Allbery5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 daysAdd more versions of the Creative Commons licenses in tools/license-count.HEADmasterCharles Plessy
12 daysAdd MPL-2.0 to tools/license-count.Charles Plessy
2014-09-17Bump version to Allombert
2014-09-17Release policy Allombert
2014-09-09debian/control: now Build-Depends on emacs-nox|emacsBill Allombert
2014-08-07Policy: Change default web document root to /var/www/htmlBill Allombert
2014-08-02Update upgrading-checklist.sgmlBill Allombert
2014-08-02Policy: Clarify whose signature should go in debian/changelog (4.4)Bill Allombert
2014-07-30policy.sgml 9.1.1: Remove 'the planned development of' before multiarchBill Allombert
2014-07-30virtual-package-names-list.txt: Add httpd-wsgiBill Allombert