BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterwin32-loader 0.7.6, the « Munchkin Katz » releaseDidier Raboud17 hours
master-squeezewin32-loader 0.6.21+squeeze0 release.Didier Raboud3 years
master-wheezywin32-loader Debian stable release.Didier Raboud3 months
debian/0.7.6commit 03ed2f534a...Didier Raboud17 hours
debian/0.7.5commit c32498ece7...Didier Raboud7 weeks 005fc0895c...Christian Perrier5 months 523390eb3e...Christian Perrier15 months
debian/ c57803aa0b...Didier Raboud2 years
debian/ e8f8b1bdb4...Didier Raboud2 years
debian/ 6820883b07...Didier Raboud2 years
debian/ a4447c00f2...Didier Raboud3 years
debian/ bf4b68c144...Didier Raboud3 years
debian/0.6.21+squeeze0commit 7ff5c0f918...Didier Raboud3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
17 hourswin32-loader 0.7.6, the « Munchkin Katz » releaseHEADdebian/0.7.6masterDidier Raboud
6 daysDrop desktop-related translations, refresh all po-filesDidier Raboud
7 daysDrop now-redundant desktop selection, arch-specifics will be handled by tasksel.Didier Raboud
2014-08-12win32-loader 0.7.5, the « Schistocerca gregaria » releasedebian/0.7.5Didier Raboud
2014-08-12Use http.d.n instead of cdn.d.nDidier Raboud
2014-08-12Replace deprcated wiki.d.o errata url with the one from www.d.oDidier Raboud
2014-08-12Fetch hurd dailies from d-i.debian.orgDidier Raboud
2014-08-12Replicate d-i's change for the video mode for the graphical installer:Didier Raboud
2014-04-23releasing version Perrier
2014-04-22Korean translation updateChangwoo Ryu