BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/ipv6Reviewed by jbrChristian PERRIER23 months
feature/write_configChange the structure of connection_fileSorina Sandu23 months
masterreleasing version 1.118Cyril Brulebois13 days
people/avtobiff/fix-magic-numbersRemove unused ret variablesSorina Sandu2 years
people/gaudenz/check_netmaskAdd own error template for malformed netmaksGaudenz Steinlin2 years
people/pkern/ipv6debian/*.templates: use sl6 for strings changed by IPv6 patchesPhilipp Kern23 months
people/pkern/vlanstage YunQiang Su's VLAN patchPhilipp Kern21 months
people/sorina/check_netmaskVerify that the netmask is indeed valid.Sorina Sandu2 years
people/sorina/write_configAlign structure members and declarations to the leftSorina Sandu21 months
wheezyFix support for entering an ESSID manually (Closes: #757478).Cyril Brulebois13 days
1.118commit a24763b138...Cyril Brulebois13 days
1.117commit 1193605c46...Christian Perrier3 months
1.116commit 4790f225b3...Christian Perrier5 months
1.115commit a9c6594733...Cyril Brulebois5 months
1.114commit cfc0f6207a...dann frazier8 months
1.113commit 0ef8cab03e...dann frazier8 months
1.112commit 92144513d4...Christian Perrier9 months
1.111commit 54a1b12ecd...Cyril Brulebois10 months
1.108+deb7u1commit 3e0c714f59...Cyril Brulebois10 months
1.110commit 1e1a06497a...Christian Perrier15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 daysreleasing version 1.118HEAD1.118masterCyril Brulebois
13 daysFix support for entering an ESSID manually (Closes: #757478).Cyril Brulebois
2014-05-11releasing version 1.1171.117Christian Perrier
2014-05-11Add lintian overrides for untranslatable debconf templates. I like when packa...Christian Perrier
2014-05-09[l10n] Commit changed/added filesD-I role
2014-04-21Reset PO-Revision-Date as the former change has no real change except changes...Christian Perrier
2014-04-13[l10n] Commit changed/added filesD-I role
2014-04-02releasing version 1.1161.116Christian Perrier
2014-04-01Don't issue duplicate error messages if the hostname fails both the valid_dom...Colin Watson
2014-04-01Substitute hostname rather than client->value in netcfg_get_hostname, to avoi...Colin Watson