BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature/ipv6Reviewed by jbrChristian PERRIER2 years
feature/write_configChange the structure of connection_fileSorina Sandu2 years
masterreleasing version 1.126Christian Perrier11 days
people/gaudenz/check_netmaskAdd own error template for malformed netmaksGaudenz Steinlin2 years
people/pkern/ipv6debian/*.templates: use sl6 for strings changed by IPv6 patchesPhilipp Kern2 years
people/pkern/vlanstage YunQiang Su's VLAN patchPhilipp Kern2 years
people/sorina/check_netmaskVerify that the netmask is indeed valid.Sorina Sandu2 years
people/sorina/write_configAlign structure members and declarations to the leftSorina Sandu2 years
pu/wpaPass extra options to wpa_supplicant (Closes: #761923).Cyril Brulebois3 months
wheezyreleasing version 1.108+deb7u2Cyril Brulebois3 months
1.126commit f5100d6e82...Christian Perrier11 days
1.125commit 82f11a637d...Cyril Brulebois3 weeks
1.124commit 61c11968ca...Christian Perrier5 weeks
1.123commit 16dddb0b6b...Cyril Brulebois6 weeks
1.122commit 9c2118929a...Aurelien Jarno3 months
1.108+deb7u2commit 47420bda94...Cyril Brulebois3 months
1.121commit 6984ae3136...Christian Perrier3 months
1.120commit 930cdffd69...Cyril Brulebois3 months
1.119commit 4146880107...Colin Watson4 months
1.118commit a24763b138...Cyril Brulebois4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 daysreleasing version 1.126HEAD1.126masterChristian Perrier
12 days[l10n] Commit changed/added filesD-I role
13 daysReset PO-Revision-Date as last change was contentlessChristian Perrier
2014-12-03[l10n] Commit changed/added filesD-I role
2014-12-01[l10n] Commit changed/added filesD-I role
2014-11-25releasing version 1.1251.125Cyril Brulebois
2014-11-15releasing version 1.1241.124Christian Perrier
2014-11-14[l10n] Commit changed/added filesD-I role
2014-11-06releasing version 1.1231.123Cyril Brulebois
2014-11-06Fix missing bounds check on nameserver array iteration (Closes: #768218).Kjell Braden