BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
debianInitial raw packaging.Didier Raboud3 years
masterbabelbox-grub: be as much generic as possibleLuca Capello2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-11-07babelbox-grub: be as much generic as possibleHEADmasterLuca Capello
2012-11-07preseed.cfg: clock-setup/utc=trueLuca Capello
2012-11-07preseed.cfg: be consistent with static network configurationLuca Capello
2012-11-07preseed.cfg: be consistent with spacing (no tabs)Luca Capello
2012-11-06preseed_late: use in-target instead of chrootLuca Capello
2012-11-03*: be consistent with BabelBox capitalizationLuca Capello
2012-11-02babelbox-grub: (#395019) partitions in grub2/1.95-1 start at 1Luca Capello
2012-11-02babelbox-grub: remove installation-specific search lineLuca Capello
2012-11-02*: default to English and US keyboard layoutLuca Capello
2012-11-02langlist: NEXTLANG is the first entryLuca Capello