BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autoremovalsextra columns for autoremoval with rdepsIvo De Decker11 months
ivoupdate config for changes in bugs_gathererIvo De Decker19 months
masterubuntu-releases.yaml: stable → utopic, devel → vividIain Lane5 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysubuntu-releases.yaml: stable → utopic, devel → vividHEADmasterIain Lane
13 daysannotate pseudo packages in the JSON outputLucas Nussbaum
2014-10-16Correct the comment in the pts-check footer.Paul Wise
2014-10-09new version of script that directly get old keys from the keyringLucas Nussbaum
2014-10-09use tracker rather than PTSLucas Nussbaum
2014-08-31Use debversion in vcswatchLucas Nussbaum
2014-08-31Use vcswatch data instead of PETLucas Nussbaum
2014-08-31DMD: escape bug titlesLucas Nussbaum
2014-08-31Add vcswatch gathererLucas Nussbaum
2014-08-31extra_source_only uses true/null, not true/falseLucas Nussbaum