BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
autoremovalsextra columns for autoremoval with rdepsIvo De Decker9 months
ivoupdate config for changes in bugs_gathererIvo De Decker17 months
masterUse debversion in vcswatchLucas Nussbaum33 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthor
33 hoursUse debversion in vcswatchHEADmasterLucas Nussbaum
33 hoursUse vcswatch data instead of PETLucas Nussbaum
33 hoursDMD: escape bug titlesLucas Nussbaum
34 hoursAdd vcswatch gathererLucas Nussbaum
2 daysextra_source_only uses true/null, not true/falseLucas Nussbaum
2 daysIgnore extra-source-only packagesLucas Nussbaum
3 daysarchive gatherer: Handle broken (zero-length) gzip filesLucas Nussbaum
4 daysUpdate the AppArmor bug type to match organizational changes.intrigeri
4 dayscarnivore: Use HTTPS to reach qa.d.oLucas Nussbaum
2014-07-26Fix positioning: trigger it after columns are madeChristophe Siraut